MSEdgeRedirect can now redirect Windows Bing search requests to Google

MSEdgeRedirect is an alternative to Edge Deflector and has been updated to version 0.6 with some useful new features. MSEdgeRedirect can redirect Windows news, search, gadgets, weather, etc. to your default browser. The tool filters and passes the command line parameters of the Microsoft Edge process to your default browser instead of hooking the Microsoft-edge handler.

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After Microsoft prevented it from taking over the Microsoft-edge: agreement, Edge Deflector would not function. The MSEdgeRedirect method may provide flexibility to future changes. However, unlike Edge Deflector, it needs to run continuously in the background, but the app can be set to run automatically at startup.

The latest version allows you to redirect you to searches that usually go to Bing or Bing Weather, which means you can finally use the news and interest taskbar gadgets without any worries, and you can even perform a Google search from Windows search instead of Bother to do it again.

The complete update log of version

  • Added a successful installation screen
  • Added installation setting interface
  • Improved the layout of the installer screen
  • Added the ability to update the development version
  • Improved default browser detection
  • Improved performance of service mode
  • Improved the handling of installer administrator rights
  • Fixed an issue where the 32-bit version of Edge location check failed
  • Fixed the problem that the tray icon is not hidden when selecting in the installer
  • Added additional security protection measures for URI processing
  • Fixed an issue where the update checker could not run due to inverted logic
  • Added the function of the installer to detect and display the existing setting value during the update
  • Added the ability to redirect weather results to one of the two available alternative providers
  • Added the ability to semi-automatically fix IFEO troubleshooting issues caused by Edge updates
  • The application will still issue a security alert when it is installed, but so far it seems that no security issues have been found.

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