MIUI 13 control center has changed with the new MIUI update

The new control center panel, introduced with the launch of MIUI 13, but it was not released with the MIUI 13 update. It is now available with an update of the SystemUI Plugin application.

Xiaomi has been using the new Quick Settings panel that came with MIUI 12 since April 2020. With MIUI 13, everyone thought this panel would change. In the MIUI 13 introduction, this panel appeared to be different, but the MIUI 13 update did not affect this panel. With the MIUI 13 update coming today, the quick settings panel is changed.

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In the new Control Center panel, the brightness bar at the bottom has been moved to the 4 quick settings area at the top. Data usage and Bluetooth shortcut removed. Instead of these, the volume and brightness bar has been added.

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Now, when we scroll the page, it is now scrolled to the right and left with the top 4 quick settings. Thus, we can see more quick settings. It used to be harder to change settings, but now it’s easier.

If you have a device with MIUI 13 device, you can use this change by installing the application below. However, this application does not provide any changes on MIUI 12.5 or Android 11 based MIUI 13 devices. So you don’t need to bother. It only works on Android 12 based MIUI 13 devices.

How to get new MIUI 13 control center on old Android 12 MIUI 13 builds

  • Download the apk above
  • Save it to downloads
  • Open MIUI File Manager
  • Find apk
  • Install APK
  • Reboot

You can get a new MIUI 13 control center with this process. The new MIUI 13 Control Center is made just for a change. The old Control Center was more useful. We find it unnecessary for Xiaomi to do this just for a change. But MIUI 13 should have been different from MIUI 12. Xiaomi did just that.

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