Google Assistant is about to be able to control your car functions

Google is working on adding a couple of more handy features to the Digital car key, which will give you access to additional car functions via the Google Assistant. The feature was first showcased at I/O 2021 and promised that it would make its way to select Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones later in the year. As promised, this feature started rolling out early last month for select models of Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Galaxy S21 series devices.

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Google recently announced some new features that will be released this year, including giving users the ability to control their car using voice commands. Users can warm-up or cool down the car with their voice, lock and unlock it with a command, get information about battery life on all Google Assistant-enabled devices.

A Google spokesperson has announced that the company is planning to release support for these new voice commands in late 2018 and will be limited at first. The new commands would only work on select Volvo cars, but Google plans to add support for more car brands later down the line. The company does not have a definite timeline yet, so we’ll make sure you know when they start rolling out.

Google’s newest flagship phones are receiving updates, including the ability to use voice commands for controlling functions in your car. Along with these new features, Google has highlighted a bunch of other upcoming features for Android devices, Chromebooks and more. Check out our previous coverage to learn more about all this upcoming content!


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