Pixel 3 receives mini update

Surprisingly, Google is pushing a small update to the Pixel 3 smartphones. A fatal error is to be corrected. However, it is not the last update for these devices. At the start of the new year, the Google Pixel 3 will be delighted with another update.

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Google only mentions the smartphone in the footnotes in its announcement. In fact, the update guarantee for the Pixel 3 models has long since expired. Especially since we know that this new update, which is only 500 kilobytes in size, will not be the last. A major final update should appear in the first quarter.

So what does the latest update fix? According to the official changelog, it is only the following bug fix: Fixed a problem that prevented emergency calls under certain conditions while some third-party apps are installed. This could mean a bug that appeared on several Google phones through Microsoft’s Teams app. Other apps may also be affected.

Google Pixel 3: A big update is yet to come

As mentioned: Google plans to roll out one last major update for the Pixel 3 in the first quarter. First and foremost, it probably brings a few bug fixes for bugs that surfaced as a result of the major Android 12 update in October. Here, Google had to deliver some bug fixes anyway, as the huge December update had already shown.

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