Pixel 6 Pro finally available again on Google Store

Even if everything is not yet running smoothly on the software level, the Pixel 6 smartphones are likely to enjoy great popularity and are therefore only available to a limited extent again and again. Now the German Google Store can finally announce that they have the Pixel 6 Pro in stock again. If you are interested, you should be quick.

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It is not often that new Pixel smartphones sell out within a few hours and that additional batches are only released at most retailers after several days. But that was the case with the Pixel 6 smartphones – and in a dimension that was previously unattainable for Google.

No reliable sales figures are known, but from the beginning, there was talk of higher unit numbers than previous generations. This was not only due to the hype but also to the comparatively low price and the pre-order campaign.

Only now have the new Pixel 6 Pro arrived in large quantities in the German Google Store. I think that the hype has long since subsided and that smartphones will now be permanently available. Of course, this cannot be guaranteed, so you should order quickly if necessary.

I would perhaps expect promotions around Valentine’s Day, but that cannot be predicted. And if it should be sold out, stop by the German electronics retailers.

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