Pokémon Legend of Arceus released a new introduction trailer for global release on the 28th of this month

Nintendo officially released the latest game introduction video of Pokémon Legend: Arceus today. The video introduces the game’s combat system and gameplay and shows more new pictures. Pokémon Legend: Arceus is a Nintendo exclusive first-party masterpiece developed by Game Freak, which will be launched on the Switch platform.

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The game is set in the Xicui area, and there was no concept of Pokemon trainers and Pokemon alliances at that time. The game will be released globally on January 28, 2022. The game mainly tells that there is a village called Zhuqing Village in the Xicui area where people come and go. The protagonist will live in a dormitory in the celebration village and start his adventure based on this village.

As a member of the Galaxy team, the protagonist will be entrusted with an investigation that will become the key to the story. The investigation mission will be based on the celebration village. If you are entrusted and ready for an adventure, you can set off to investigate various parts of the Xicui area. After successfully completing the survey, they will return to the village to prepare for the next survey.

Earlier, an uncle’s party broke the news that Pokémon Legend Arceus will have the longest game flow in the Pokémon series, but the essence is swipe. In addition to completing the Pokémon illustrated book, the player’s ultimate goal is to capture Arceus. Of course, what kind of game Arceus is, we still need players to personally embark on a journey to capture Pokémon at the end of this month to know.

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