Tesla 81-Megapack is the largest energy storage project

Tesla announced its 81-Megapack, a giant battery energy storage project in Texas, USA, which is also the largest energy storage project Tesla has built so far. The severe weather at the beginning of last year put enormous pressure on the Texas power grid. Many areas were out of power in turn, and the power grid was even on the verge of being paralyzed for a time, which made Texas have to reconsider its power grid capacity.

Since that power crisis, residential energy storage has grown in popularity with homeowners in Texas who don’t want to be too dependent on the utility grid. At the same time, power companies are also building energy storage projects on a large scale.

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Tesla’s latest announced energy storage project was quietly launched early last year in Angleton, near Houston. Tesla said This grid in Angleton, Texas provides sustainable backup support. It has 81 sets of Tesla battery system Megapacks installed, which can provide more energy in the event of a power outage while reducing the need for fossil fuels. dependence.

The project has an energy storage capacity of 100 MW/200 MWh, which also makes it one of the largest Tesla energy storage projects in the world. This will help mitigate the negative impact when a massive outage like the one described above recurs, but the Texas grid will also need to add more backup power.

Tesla has reportedly become an energy distributor in Texas. Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants Tesla Energy to become a distributed global utility company that even surpasses the company’s electric vehicle business.

Tesla officially relocated its headquarters to Texas, a move that could make Texas a big market for Tesla to make that happen. Tesla has several major energy projects under construction in Texas; the company has also signed an agreement to deploy solar rooftops and Powerwalls home storage systems “at scale” in an under-construction community in Austin.

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