Google Pixel exclusive wallpapers are available for download

Whether you want to find your new wallpaper from the application pre-installed by the manufacturer of your smartphone or you prefer to download one of the countless dedicated third-party apps from the Google Play Store, you just have to choose and, if your choice fell on the popular Google Wallpapers – that has recently set a new download record -know that you’ve come to the right place: all the wallpapers that Big G reserves for Pixels are now available for download for everyone.

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Google Wallpapers: You don’t need a Pixel to have them all

While installing Google Wallpapers on any Android device is simple, on the other hand (and you probably already know it) the version available for non-Pixel devices is less complete: it does not include many wallpapers that Google has decided to make exclusive for buyers of their smartphones.

Well, if these exclusions have left you a little bitter in your mouth, here is the remedy: all the exclusive Pixel wallpapers – including the new Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro – in the form of very simple zip packages downloadable from Mediafire, without the need to install any new application.

Mind you: only a few sample images will be shown below, but the zip files include a greater number of them, for a total of 457 new wallpapers.


Let’s start with Bloom, one of the new collections that have enriched Google Wallpapers with the launch of the new Pixel 6 series. As the name suggests, this is a selection that includes stylized images of blossoming flowers. Their effect is particularly pleasant if combined with a smartphone able to take advantage of the Material You of Android 12 and therefore to adapt the entire color palette to the various backgrounds.

Direct Link To Download Bloom


The motif is the name of a second collection that landed in Google’s wallpaper app with the launch of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. In this case, the images are stylized in a decidedly heavier way than those of Bloom and the gallery is more variegated, including drawn shapes, abstract images, flowers, fruit and more.

Direct Link To Download Motif

Community Lens

As the chosen name suggests, Community Lens should showcase some striking natural or urban images taken by various photographers. Among them is also the iconic wallpaper of the legendary Nexus 5. In short, if you are looking for wallpapers with landscapes and cityscapes, this is the right collection.

Direct Link To Download Community Lens

Curated Culture

Curated Culture is one of the most fascinating collections of Google Wallpapers: it contains works of art dedicated to various anniversaries, celebrations of various international cultures and recently also the works of indigenous artists Rico and Crystal Worl (which form the Trickster Company). Some wallpapers have a drawn style, others representational, all however are worth at least a look.

Direct Link To Download Curated Culture

For Fun

The cute wallpapers in the For Fun collection are meant to fit the positioning of the front camera of Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 6, so you will only get the desired effect with these smartphones or with others that have the selfie camera in exactly the same position.

Direct Link To Download For Fun

Google Arts & Culture

The Google Arts & Culture collection is perfect for art lovers, as these are part of the Google project for digitizing famous paintings.

Direct Link To Download Google Arts & Culture


We come to Landscapes, one of the oldest collections of Google Wallpapers now updated to embrace the Material You of Android 12. Also in this case, the name anticipates the type of images present.

Direct Link To Download Landscapes (1), Landscapes (2)


Lovers of textures, this is the package for you.

Direct Link To Download Textures


Life is another of the classic packages of Google Wallpapers and from the examples, you can immediately understand the type of images present.

Direct Link To Download Life


This collection immediately brings to mind the spectacular Google Earth app. Take a look and don’t miss the following links.

Direct Link To Download Earth (1), Download Earth (2) 


Not to be confused with the already treated Google Arts & Culture, in this case, it is artwork created digitally and there is no shortage of new additions for the Material You of Android 12.

Direct Link To Download Art


Cityscapes are Landscape’s counterpart focused on urban (albeit, strangely, deserted) scenarios.

Direct Link To Download Cityscapes

Solid Colors

Solid Colors is the least interesting addition of Google Wallpapers, you can still find all the images at this link.

Direct Link To Download Solid Color

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