Google Pixel Fold expected for 2022

Google is said to have two very exciting products planned for the year: the first Google Pixel Watch and the first Google Pixel Fold. We just call the new devices that, but we actually don’t yet know what they should be called.

For the Google Pixel Watch, we are assuming an announcement in the spring and for the Google Pixel Fold that was also in the room. Well, until a perfectly good source claimed in late 2021 that the Fold project had been discontinued.

Google Pixel Fold still under discussion

But that may not be true, because the possible foldable from Google made a detour in a benchmark last week. And Jon Prosser then mentioned that this was not surprising as the project never stopped.

We have two good sources here, but a very good one for Google News. Jon Prosser isn’t the best resource for Apple but has been really reliable on Google reports so far. So I wouldn’t rule out a Google Pixel Fold.

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