Windows Subsystem for Android update starts to support GPU switching

Some users discovered today that the version of Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) has been updated to 1.8.3236, adding a new option for GPU selection. As can be seen from the screenshot, in the new version, there is an additional “GPU for Android applications”, users can specify the graphics card used by WSA, or select “dynamic”, and WSA will run according to the needs. graphics card.

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If the device is equipped with a core display + independent display at the same time, using the independent display to run WSA can obtain a significant performance improvement. It is reported that the Windows Android subsystem is one of the main functions of Windows 11, allowing users to run Android applications on the desktop without the help of third-party emulators, but the requirements for configuration are also very high, requiring a minimum memory greater than 8G, recommended It can run only if the memory is more than 16GB.

At present, the Windows Android subsystem is still only a semi-finished product, and its stability and functionality are not perfect, so it is only open to users who have joined the experience program. Interested users can search for the joining method by themselves.

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