God of War 4 PC version of the new super widescreen trailer announced

Today (January 14), PS officially released a new trailer for the PC version of God of War 4, showing the running screen of the PC version on the ultra-wide screen. The picture is beautiful and moving, let’s take a look!

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The PC version of God of War 4 has no frame lock, supports native 4K resolution and ultra-widescreen further enhances the original high-definition picture quality, and brings a cinema-level visual experience. Support for DLSS, Reflex and AMD FSR technologies with higher resolution shadows and improved screen-space reflections, new GTAO and SSDO and other settings.

Players can fully customize mouse and keyboard settings, fine-tune each action, and play with their own personalities. The PC version of God of War 4 will be released on January 15, landing on the Epic store and Steam.

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