PS3 games began to appear in the PS5 store

PS3 games are starting to appear on the PS5 store, following rumors that Sony may further announce the PS5 console’s backward compatibility. When you check out a PS3 game on the PS5 store, the listing directs players to the PS Now version of the game, though Dead or Alive 5 shows the price at £7.99.

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Other players on social media also responded by seeing similar listings for the PS3 game Bejeweled as well as Prince of Persia 5: Forgotten Sands and Prince of Persia 3, each with its own purchase price.

As of press time, users cannot purchase PS3 games from the PS5 store. The above list of PS3 games may be a mistake, but interestingly, the PS3 version of “Dead or Alive 5” is not available on PS Now on the European server.

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