Apple CarPlay successfully run on Tesla Model 3

Tesla owners want support for Apple CarPlay and Apple Music, but there’s no indication Tesla is willing to implement Apple CarPlay in its vehicles. To this end, Polish developer Michał Gapiński decided to solve the problem himself. Using a Rasberry Pi and a car browser, Gapiński was able to run a fully-functional version of Apple CarPlay on his Tesla display and shared the results on Twitter.

The system uses a Rasberry Pi with an LTE modem and Wi-Fi access point, running a custom Android-based firmware. Then connect to the Rasberry Pi with the in-vehicle browser, display the CarPlay interface on the Tesla’s screen, and all the apps work as expected, including Maps and Apple Music. Tesla’s Apple CarPlay solution continues to work while driving and can even be controlled with the car’s steering wheel buttons.

Gapiński is now working on improving the Wi-Fi connection to make streaming smoother. The project is still in its early stages, he said, but he plans to release the solution to the public once it’s ready. Tesla’s strained relationship with Apple seems to want full control of its infotainment system, making Apple CarPlay support very unlikely in the near future. While there were signs that Tesla was planning to support Apple Music, that also didn’t materialize.

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