Google reveals all the details of new Play system updates and more

Project Mainline is a massive improvement on how Google updates individual Android system components. But you always forgot to tell your own users about the changes. This is finally different. Google is often not exactly “on point” in its communication when it comes to new Android updates.

Especially with the Google Play system updates, there is often a defective changelog. Often enough none at all. Apps like the Google Play Store are easily updated, but always without important information for the user. It’s finally getting better, thanks to a new help page.

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Finally with a changelog: Google updates many system components via Google Play

Google is finally revealing in detail what’s new with the “Google System Updates” coming to our devices. This really means all the important system areas that Google can update today via the Play Store. This can be the Google Play services in general, but also directly the Play Store app, the Google Play Games services, the autofill functions and also management services of Android.

Often you just didn’t reveal anything at all

This also makes it much clearer which of the innovations will be rolled out at all and which of them belong to the monthly security update. Often enough, Google has not announced many changes at all, which are then usually found by chance or by the users themselves. We are pleased that Google is noticeably working on its own communication.

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