Update: Google is delivering the first innovations from the mega announcement

Most of the announcements from CES earlier in the year come later. Google reveals that the first small updates are already arriving. Right at the start of the year, Google announced many innovations for the Android ecosystem.

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Unfortunately, the company did not say in great detail when and how various innovations will be received by users. Now we know that the first new and renewed features will be rolled out. The changelog for Google System Updates, which is now available monthly, is helpful for this.

Fast Pair and Google Sign-in will be expanded

In it, Google revealed that the latest Google Play services (version 02/22/03) will be able to set up Android TV devices via smartphone via “a new way”. So you can log into the TV directly from a nearby smartphone.

With the update to Android TV, users will have a new way of signing in to their TV using Android Phones.

Google is planning something similar for Chromebooks. However, the update required for this will take some time to come. In any case, most of the innovations from CES 2022 should only be available after the first quarter.

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