Call of Duty 18 Season 2 content leaked new characters and new map

A few days ago, the second season of Call of Duty: Pioneer announced that it will be delayed until February 14, and now someone has exposed the new content of the second season in advance, including three new playable characters Anna, Gustav and Thomas. This news and pictures come from the user ZestyLeaks. It is reported that Anna is an Austrian operator and Thomas is a Canadian-Spanish half-blood. They will all appear in the second season.

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In addition, the second season may also add gameplay similar to the big battlefield mode, and the relevant map layout is also suspected to be leaked. At present, the original content has been deleted due to copyright issues, but netizens have saved the pictures.

The content of the second season of Call of Duty 18 was delayed by 12 days than the original plan because the official needs more time to adjust the balance of the game. At present, several games such as COD Pioneer, COD Theater Pacific, and COD Modern Warfare have experienced serious problems.





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