Battlefield 3 Real Mods holds a visual environment competition for players to design freely

Battlefield 3 Reality Mod is a folk real tactical MOD based on Battlefield 3. It is inspired by the Project Reality module of Battlefield 2 that year, aiming to transform Battlefield 3 into a focus on Hardcore multiplayer for communication and teamwork. Recently, its mod developers announced that they will hold a visual environment competition for Battlefield 3 Real Mods.

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The following is the official announcement:

Thank you for supporting us since the announcement of Battlefield 3: Real Mod, we will be hosting a visual environment competition for the mod. The visual environment is how you control visual fidelity by changing the sun, fog, and post-processing settings. Customizing the visual environment is an important change to the game that further enhances the game and takes Real Mods out of the original Battlefield 3 experience.

Now it’s your turn to contribute to the overall feel of the first version of Real Mods and add it. From now on, you can submit your visual environment presets. The Real Mods development team will select the best of all submitted presets at the end of the competition and add them to the mod for you to enjoy in-game.

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