Ericsson and Apple’s patent dispute continues to escalate, this time to Europe

The legal battle between Apple and Ericsson over 5G patents used in the iPhone has expanded to multiple lawsuits between the two companies across Europe. At first glance, Apple and Ericsson were all but repeating their 2015 patent battle, where they were already suing each other over 5G technology in the US.

However, since Ericsson first filed its lawsuit, all of its previous deals with Apple have just expired, and now the number of lawsuits has increased. Ericsson’s original lawsuit was filed in western Texas and at least one unknown European country. Now, lawsuits in Europe are being filed in Germany, the Netherlands and Brazil.

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Apple’s initial countersuit was filed in the United States, but specifically to the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). Ericsson argues that Apple is now using its 5G patents without a license, while Apple’s legal team argues that the Swedish company should be blocked from importing products to the United States.

Since the ITC lawsuit, Apple is now also suing the company in Mannheim. Ericsson is believed to have filed at least two of its own lawsuits in Mannheim, accusing Apple of patent infringement.

It is also said that, although not confirmed, Ericsson has also made several complaints in Munich. In its original ITC filing, Apple said it was willing to drop the legal effort as long as Ericsson dropped all of its lawsuits and legal actions. Apple also asked the court to decide what a reasonable license fee should be charged by Ericsson.

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