Google Docs: Support for watermarks in the documents will be rolled out

The apps around Google Drive are becoming more and more extensive and now all users of Google Docs can use a new feature that could be used more often: watermarks. These can be inserted and adjusted both in the form of text and images and remain in place when the documents are imported and exported.

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Google Docs has long offered the average user enough functionality to replace any desktop application. But as soon as things get a little more specific, it becomes apparent that Microsoft Word, in particular, is still miles ahead – but Google is slowly nibbling its way. Now they have announced the support of watermarks, which lie behind the document as a faint image and therefore cannot be overlooked.

Both text and images can be used as watermarks. With text you have free input options, you can adjust some things related to the text display and choose the direction of flow. The transparency, which ultimately determines the intensity of the background display, can be adjusted for both text and image.

The update will be rolled out immediately and should reach all users within the next 15 days.

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