Apple Beats Studio Buds get 10M359 firmware update

Apple today released a new 10M359 firmware update for the Beats Studio Buds that went on sale in June last year. The Beats Studio Buds were previously installed with the 9M6599 firmware. It’s worth mentioning that this is Apple’s build number, the firmware version you see in the Settings app may be different, and it may show up as 1B56 after an update.

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This firmware update adds several new features, including instant pairing, easier access to battery status, and more control over volume. After installing the new firmware, the Beats Studio Buds can instantly pair with all Apple devices tied to a user’s iCloud account. On Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV, pairing is now just a click away.

When the Beats Studio Buds are connected to an iPhone, there is now a battery popup that displays the current battery level of the earphones and charging case on the home screen, similar to what AirPods do.

Apple also added a new volume customization option to the “b” button on the Studio Buds, which can be configured to control volume using the iOS Bluetooth menu or the Android device’s Beats app.

In addition to these changes, Apple this week also introduced product personalization for the Beats Fit Pro and Powerbeats Pro. When ordering these devices from Apple’s website, there is now an option to add engravings to the charging case.

There is no standard way to upgrade Beats firmware, but the firmware is usually OTA installed when the headset is connected to an iOS device. Put the Beats Studio Buds in the charging case, connect them to a power source, and pair them with your iPhone or iPad to force an update in a fraction of the time.

IT Home has learned that the Beats Studio Buds are the first Beats-branded earphones, similar in design to the AirPods Pro and feature active noise cancellation, but with a handleless design.

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