Phone app from Google with us 1 year later without spy feature

From time to time it could be useful to record your own phone calls. This is also known as Google and the right feature came up. Unfortunately, that has so far brought us very little in Germany.

The phone app from Google should also be able to record calls. In any case, such a feature was rolled out more than a year ago, just not here in Germany. In the meantime, something has happened in the telephone app, but rather in other areas. It is namely the call screen there. A smart answering machine but not the recorder for calls.

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In any case, a new telephone feature appeared about a year ago that I still find quite useful. It can record our calls. You would have long phone calls directly as a backup on your own Android phone and could listen to it again afterward. German laws could be to blame for the fact that we still do not offer this feature.

Pixel Exclusive: Call Screen as the only major extension to the Phone app

Google actually had a really good idea. Calls from foreign numbers are to be recorded as a priority. As a user, you would have something in your hand when it comes to fraudulent phone calls, for example. Grandchild tricks and other frauds are no longer uncommon today. But contracts are also concluded on telephones. Records could help as a reminder and also as evidence.

And so there is still only hope for this feature. But it will probably never come to the phones of German users. Which is kind of strange at first glance. After all, call centers and hotlines can obtain the consent of the caller at any time to record customer calls.

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