Quick Tap: Tap new update brought Android 12 Columbus gesture code implementation

We know that there are so many features every single time by Google. And now this time Google has revealed a very cool feature called “Quick Tap” to certain Pixel smartphones with the Android 12 update. With these features, you can enjoy so many sub-features such as:- once activated, Quick Tap lets you double-tap on the back of your phone to trigger Google Assistant, take a screenshot, play or pause media, or open an app of your choice.

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Google originally started working on this gesture mechanism under the code-name “Columbus” back in the Android 11 Developer Preview days but decided to shelve it till Android 12 attractively. The app has now reached the first stable milestone, bringing along a new UI, a whole lot of new features, and many bug fixes.

A third-party open-source reimplementation of this feature has been available for a while, though, in the form of the Tap, Tap app by XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899. The app has now reached the first stable milestone, bringing along a new UI, a whole lot of new features, and many bug fixes.

According to the sources of the software developers, Google’s Android 11-era double-tap gesture code resided entirely in SystemUI, but the Android 12 variant comes with an entirely new architecture. Well, there is some random new tap detection logic that has been moved into a new “CHRE” (Context Hub Runtime Environment) module, running on the low-power CPU of supported Pixel devices — known as a Nanoapp.

Since nanoapps are built specifically for a CPU and firmware, porting them to another platform is a virtually impossible task. To tackle this situation, Tap, Tap now supports two modes: A legacy approach intended for non-Pixel smartphones where the detection runs within the app itself, and the native method via the low-power nanoapp on officially supported devices apparently.

But things do not even stop here. Actually, the new update also unlocks the ability to use the Pixel-exclusive “Quick Tap to Snap” feature on any Android 7.0+ device with an accelerometer and a gyroscope sensor, but root access is mandatory for this port.

Additionally, the entire UI of the Tap, Tap app has been rewritten, splitting the long list of settings into separate pages for easy navigation. The design language adheres to the Material You design, hence the app can adjust its appearance in sync with your wallpaper color prospectively.

There is the complete release note of Tap, Tap 1.0 can be found here. The developer has already pushed a quick hotfix (build 1.0.1), the changelog of which is listed below:

  • Fixes for various crashes including Snapchat, App Shortcuts and network issues.
  • Improvements to device specs lookup for model recommendation
  • Improvements to notification & quick settings expand/collapse actions
  • Actions & Gates that are unsupported will now give a reason why they are
  • Added Battery Saver gate.

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