Google app for Android: Repair of the weather apps not yet finished

Such a simple function of the Google app and yet it always causes problems. Several errors in the weather functions of the Google app have recently surfaced, but the developers have only corrected some of them so far.

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A few days ago you could also read in our blog that the new weather widgets from Google no longer worked completely correctly. And there were also problems with At a Glance, the Google app’s widget. Google has now been able to fix at least some of the problems, but still not all of them.

At a Glance is fixed, the weather widget is not yet

What happened? Whether Weather Widget or At a Glance, tapping on the features no longer opened the weather within the Google app. Instead, nothing happened at all. Or tapping on At a Glance opened the outdated view that Google had long since replaced with a redesign.

On the left is the old design of the weather section of the Google app and on the right the new look:

Anyway, the last version of the Google app brought a fix for At a Glance. However, for example, the large weather widget still does not work correctly. While it shows all the data correctly, it doesn’t open the full weather view when you tap it. Which is kind of strange, why it takes so much time to fix such small errors.

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