Google Camera 8.4 available for Xiaomi, Samsung and many others [Download]

We have come to the release of Google Camera 8.4, the latest version of the Google photo app, now also available for many other Android smartphones. Normally, in fact, the GCam is available exclusively for the models of the Google Pixel series, but since its inception, the developers have worked hard to democratize it. Since Google prevents those who do not have a Pixel smartphone from installing it, modders will do it for it.

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The port of Google Camera 8.4 arrives for many Android smartphones

With the debut of Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, the GCam 8.3 was released, which is now followed by its next version, the Google Camera 8.4. And as happens with any such port, also in this case the Google Camera 8.4 is available for many smartphones Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO but also OnePlus, Samsung, Realme and others (here you will find the complete list).

Download Google Camera 8.4

At the moment, the only modder to have ported Google Camera 8.4 is BGS: according to its changelog, the update brings with it new algorithms, modes and configuration options. In addition, the GCam 8.4 brings with it new video stabilization options (standard, frozen, active and cinematic panning) based on the type of motion you want to stabilize.

However, new features of the GCam 8.4 seem to be missing such as the Night Sight function integrated in the standard and Portrait modes and the new Zoom buttons. Furthermore, testing it on Redmi Note 10 Pro does not detect additional sensors such as wide-angle and macro. This could depend on which model you are trying it on: we recommend that you do all the necessary tests, also visit the community on Telegram to get feedback from other users.

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