More Apps: Android Auto and Android Automotive continue to converge

It just doesn’t work without a wider range of apps, Google has understood that. At the same time, the range of apps for Android Automotive OS and Android Auto is set to increase.

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While one platform is just a smartphone app for expanding infotainment, Android Automotive is a complete operating system for cars. Nevertheless, there are some similarities. In the future, this will finally include the common requirements for third-party apps. Developers can therefore offer their apps simultaneously for Android Auto and Android Automotive OS via the Play Store.

Android Auto and Android Automotive OS are more open to third-party apps

Initially, Google provided three categories for this. Navigation, parking and charging. According to our colleagues, a fourth category called “Media” is planned. Behind it are probably apps for music and podcasts.

If apps do not meet the necessary criteria, they cannot be offered on the platforms. The Vivaldi browser, which is offered directly via the account of the car manufacturer Polestar, bypassed this.

Only at the beginning of the year did Google announce that it would finally open up the Android Automotive OS more generously to third-party apps.

The same happened a year earlier for Android Auto, which has since made various alternatives to Google Maps available, for example. Google will not be able to achieve great success without opening up its platforms.

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