Pixel 6 Series: Magic Eraser bug causes Photos app to crash

With the Italian landing of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro yesterday, the new smartphones from Google will be increasingly popular also in our market (perhaps not so widespread but, in short, until yesterday, importing was the only way), the reason so it is good to pay even more attention to reports of any bugs coming from other markets where both Pixel 6 and its Pro variant are already available.

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The latest news in this regard comes to us both from Reddit and from an editor of PhoneArena, who has personally confirmed the existence of a new bug concerning the Magic Eraser function. Gomma Magica is one of the main innovations introduced by Google during the presentation of the Pixel 6 and allows you to take advantage of the AI ​​to convincingly eliminate the disturbing elements present in the photos, reconstructing the missing part of the photo.

It seems that one of the latest updates of the Google Photos app (more likely) or the Pixel 6 has created a few problems too, since just using the function causes Photos to crash, thus making it impossible to use it. The first tests showed that the usual procedures that are done in this case – including restarting the phone and cleaning the cache – do not produce positive results, so it seems that it is really necessary to wait for intervention from Google.

Intervention that should not belong in coming, even if at the moment it is not possible to hypothesize timing, given that the problem has not yet been officially recognized. In our Pixel 6 review we mentioned, among the negative points, the existence of some bugs not yet resolved, highlighting just how the software needs further refinements even after so long since the official international launch.

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