Shortcuts in iOS 15.4 Beta to Disable Auto Action Running Notifications

In iOS 15.4’s Shortcuts app, Apple added a toggle button to disable notifications that a given Shortcuts automation is running. Before iOS 15.4 Beta, the Shortcuts app would send out a notification each time a specific automation shortcut was triggered. Now, Apple has added a toggle to make these notifications optional.

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Users can turn off notifications by tapping the toggle next to a new “Runtime Notifications” setting. Florian Burger, developer of the iPhone camera app Fjorden, demonstrated that the new toggles mean certain routine automation in Shortcuts can be done more quickly.

In other words, disabling notifications can make a shortcut run faster. In Burger’s case, opening the Fjorden app from the iPhone’s lock screen is now “super fast and almost seamless.” The caveat with the new switch is that it only applies to the automation of shortcuts, not all shortcuts. This means that some shortcuts — like shortcuts to custom iOS icons — will still run pop-up notifications every time they’re enabled.

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