The share button of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S controller will support customization

Compared to the previous generation, the Microsoft Xbox Series X/S handle has been adjusted in detail, and the obvious change is an additional share button.

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According to Windows Central, Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program has begun testing a new feature on the Alpha Ring that allows users to customize the function of the button in response to requests from users.

The button supports single-click, double-click, and long-press, and each input action can be assigned a different task. In addition to the default sharing functions, players can launch specific applications, control media playback and volume, open the Party or Friends interface, view achievements for the current game, send messages, and more, as well as various accessibility options.

If the test goes well, these features will be pushed to all users in the next few months. In addition, the new version also allows users to modify the opacity of the broadcast bar.

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