MIUI 13 updater application gained new features

Xiaomi updates system applications and adds new features to devices for more stable operation of the system. Recently, the updater application received a new update. With this update, new features appeared. If you want, let’s start to review the new features.

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Device manufacturers release updates to their devices. You would generally expect these updates to improve stability and performance. But things are not always like that, sometimes new updates can cause your devices to slow down, stability problems and damage.

Users are not satisfied with such situations. Thanks to the new feature coming to the update application, you can score updates and help different users decide whether to update or not if you have problems with your device after the new update.

We need the new Updater app and the China Mi Community app to access the scoring menu. Click here for the Updater application, and for the China Mi Community application, you can download by clicking here. Now if you want to rate the update, you can find out how you can access the rating menu by looking at the photo.

We came to the scoring menu. As you can see, there are 10 stars on the menu. The stability of the software you are using etc. Decide how many stars to give based on things. Now that you’ve made your rating based on software stability, performance, and other things on your device, let’s wrap up the review.

Now you have evaluated the software of your device and you have given some information to other users about the software you are using. That’s all we’re going to do. What do you think about this new feature? Do not forget to express your opinion. Do not forget to follow us to be aware of more such news.

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