Minecraft Windows version launches new creature frog test

Ahead of an upcoming wildlife update sometime in 2022, Minecraft Bedrock Edition is testing a new mob officially added in version 1.19, the frog. The new version of Minecraft for Windows will include frogs and tadpoles, as well as tests of new features surrounding this new creature.

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Based on what is currently known about frog creatures, they spawn in swamp biomes, where they spend their time catching fireflies from the air and jumping on lotus leaves.

A few other interesting facts about frogs are already known, such as how they hatch into tadpoles and grow into one of three frog species depending on their mature biome. Mojang also acknowledged that the frog would be useful to players in some way, but didn’t specify it at first.

Today’s Bedrock Edition 1.18.10 patch notes show at least part of what frogs can do: frogs can eat small slime enemies, turning them into slime balls – a key resource in existing crafting, such as Sticky pistons and leads.

At the same time, frogs will also eat small magma monsters and will produce frog lamps, similar to fluorite and sea lanterns, which are very good decorative light sources.

Several other frog-related questions were answered in the 1.18.10 patch notes – frogs do breed. For now, Mojang says it’s possible to use seagrass to guide and breed frogs, but this is only a temporary replacement. When the 1.19 update is released, they will have their favorite native swamp food. This update also includes a bunch of bug fixes and more changes to align Bedrock and Java.

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