Wear OS 3.2 will be rolled out via update

So far, the new Wear OS is only available for a single smartwatch, which is not suddenly different from the latest update. Samsung announced a major update for its own Galaxy Watch 4 a few days ago.

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This is not just an update for the One UI, but a new sub-version for Wear OS 3. Of course, this is only of interest to people with a Samsung watch, because Wear OS 3 has not been rolled out on any other device.

In any case, the new Wear OS 3.2 is also arriving on German devices, but it does not have any other obvious changes. The underlying Android version is not yet updated to a newer version.

Wear OS 3.2 probably only brings a few improvements

It’s not even really know what exactly is different about Wear OS now. If we check the changelog published by Samsung, then the improvement for YouTube Music could be related and there is a new initial setup with a selection of apps that interest you.

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