Fitbit: Google launches new personal training feature

Google has big plans for Fitbit and is now bringing an exciting new feature to the tracking app that aims to encourage users to engage in new activities and improve their fitness: ‘Quantified Self’, based on previous usage and a few short questions, new training programs in put together in several categories. You could almost call it a little personal trainer.

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With the Fitbit platform, users can track numerous activities that are recorded either via the fitness tracker, smartwatches, or, in some cases, via the smartphone.

Normally, however, the incentive for this has to come from the user himself, which may not be so easy, especially in the upcoming spring season – because after a long break something has to be done for the beach figure again. But other areas apart from fitness are also in focus.

Fitness Mindfulness Sleep Nutrition
Stretch for 5 min/day Deep breathing 5 min/day No caffeine after 12 PM every day No sugary beverages every day
Walk briskly at least 30 min/day Deep breathing 5 min for 3x/day No alcohol after 8 PM every day Drink 8 glasses of water every day
Run 1 mile/day Meditate 1x/day before bed No screen time after 9 PM every day Eat salad for lunch every day.
Work out at least 30 min/day Meditate for 10 min every day before bed No meat for 4 weeks
Do yoga 1x/day No sugar for 4 weeks
No processed foods for 4 weeks
Intermittent fasting (16:8 or 18:6) for 4 weeks

With ‘Quantified Self’, which should be available to all users directly as a new entry in the app, new training plans are suggested. These are based on the data of all users, their own data and also recent experiences. It is a type of fitness program that is meant to include physical well-being and may even include sleep and breathing exercises. On the screenshots here in the article you can see how this was implemented.

It goes in the direction of a personal trainer, even if there is still a long way to go before the data is fully evaluated and tips for additional or changed activities are made. In the table below you can see an example of such a plan, which even includes the eating habits.

I think this is an interesting new feature that can be greatly expanded in the future. It’s currently available to all users and doesn’t require a premium subscription, but that may change or could be expanded even further for premium users. Sure, this way you can motivate users to do even more sports, track even more things and let the Fitbit platform into other areas of everyday life.

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