Google start page to be expanded to include weather and other information

Google has planned a major overhaul for its own start page, which will allow significantly more information at a glance. There are already screenshots. So far, Google’s homepage on the desktop doesn’t have much to offer. There is primarily a search bar.

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Most of the time there wasn’t really anything else. But that could look different in the long term, as a new leak reveals today. Google probably wants to design the start page on the web similar to the mobile version in the Chrome browser and be able to offer you more information at first glance. Discover, weather and more, according to 9to5Google ‘s report.

The following information is planned for the new Google homepage:

  • Weather: Current conditions and three-day forecast on mouse hover
  • Trending: Cover image with search counter
  • Things to see: Shows and movies with cover art
  • Stocks with graphs on mouse hover
  • Local Events with Daum
  • Corona news

A presentation in the form of maps arranged horizontally next to each other is planned. There are already screenshots, although it is probably still a test of the innovations. In any case, this is very reminiscent of Google Discover, only with a somewhat more targeted provision of information.

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