Halo TV series to premiere in March 2022 Paramount+ renewed for a second season

The game adaptation of the TV series “Halo” is about to land on the Paramount+ streaming platform in March 2022, but the platform has already renewed for a second season. With a high level of confidence, creators will have the opportunity to expand more hidden content in the “Halo” universe – the main storyline will remain the same, but the Master Chief and Cortana’s plot will be different.

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It is reported that the protagonist will have to explore the galaxy and find the exact location, rather than random encounters. They will be in a race against time to avoid being pre-empted by Covenant and annihilating all sentient life in the galaxy.

Earlier, “Halo” game composers Marty O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, demanding that it pay 20 years of arrears in royalties and seeking an injunction to prevent the TV series from going live. The two sides will try to mediate this week, but it is unclear whether the parties can reach a final agreement.

As for the latest Halo: Infinite, the game features an open world and focuses on the Master Chief, a pilot, and a new companion called “Weapon.” If you already have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, log in to experience it. It should be noted that the multiplayer experience of Halo Infinite is free, but the campaign part is paid.

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