The MIUI 13 is updated and the smartphone becomes a PC

Xiaomi and MIUI have already accustomed us to merging the smartphone world with the PC one, first with the folding MIX Fold and then with the Pad 5 tablet. The first can boast a real Desktop mode that makes it a mini PC, the second on an MIUI 13 Pad that makes better use of the larger screen.

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But the smartphone is the only real tool that everyone has in their pocket, especially Xiaomi if you think about how many they sold in 2021. Also, for this reason, the company has decided to release an update that ensures that the use of the smartphone is ever closer to that of computers.

When you think about the internet connection from smartphones, Xiaomi or not, the ways that come to mind are exclusively two: via a data network or via Wi-Fi. For obvious structural reasons, a smartphone cannot be wired to connect to a home or office connection. A hardware limitation that can be partially circumvented, as demonstrated by the latest update released by Xiaomi for its MIUI 13.

After installing it, a new item appears in the “Portable hotspot” menu, ie “ Ethernet tethering “. Just activate it and your smartphone can connect to the network via an Ethernet cable. How? Just get a USB Type-C / Ethernet adapter and connect your phone to your modem or router.

A function that will be useful for those who may have to upload a very heavy file from their smartphone but have a performing wired connection available. However, it should be noted that this novelty makes its appearance within the 22.2.10 version of the MIUI 13 Beta. It, therefore, remains exclusive for those who beta testing MIUI and it will be necessary to understand if it will also be brought to the stable branch of MIUI.

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