Opera 84 introduces paste protection: read clipboard sensitive content will send a reminder

Opera may not be called a mainstream browser, but the browser’s many advantages still attract many fans. In a recent update, the Opera browser introduced Paste Protection. This feature can monitor what you save in the clipboard, because some applications or websites may try to read this data, so some key data may end up being exposed.

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Just think about credit card information or anything like that, so it’s important to have an advanced software library to protect your data when you’re shopping online. Opera can now do this with paste protection, as it can display a warning when someone tries to change data in the clipboard.

Opera said: Opera 84 just made browsing and online payments more secure with new paste protection. Every time you copy and paste sensitive information like credit card numbers or cryptocurrency wallet identifiers, you risk being hacked by some bad actors. Hijacking and modification, resulting in your financial loss.

Paste Protection protects you from this situation. When you copy sensitive data in the Opera browser, the data is monitored for a period of time or until you paste the data.

If the data is changed by an external application, a warning is displayed. Needless to say, this new feature is available on all supported platforms, so whether you’re running the browser on Windows, Linux, or macOS, Opera has paste protection.

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