Apple is rumored to be developing Apple Car self-driving chip modules with South Korean packaging and testing plants to be completed in 2023

Apple is working with a South Korean packaging and testing plant to develop chip modules and packages for the Apple Car, the sources said. According to TheElec, the South Korean packaging and testing facility are working on a chip module that can run self-driving functions like those used by Tesla.

This chip is responsible for AI computing and usually integrates functions such as a neural processing unit, CPU, GPU, memory, and camera interface.

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The sources said Tesla used Samsung’s memory when developing the Autopilot chip module and handed the assembly to South Korean company JCET STATSChipPAC Korea. Apple has taken a similar route with its projects.

It is reported that the project is dominated by Apple Korea, which is Apple’s office in South Korea. It said that it has obtained the bill of materials (BOM) rights for the project, and therefore chose the Korean packaging and testing plant. The project started last year and is expected to be completed in 2023.

TheElec pointed out that Apple Korea has also handed over similar package and module projects for the Apple M1 processor launched in November 2020 to the US and Chinese OSATs with factories in Korea.

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