Chrome Enhances Password Management: Allows users to add comments to passwords

A few months ago, Google was introducing the ability to manually add passwords to the Chrome browser. Although the feature hasn’t made it to a stable release yet, the company appears to be looking to further enhance password management before it’s eventually generally available.

Redditor u/Leopeva64-2 recently discovered that the latest version of Chrome Canary allows users to add comments to saved passwords. The Comments field is visible when you manually add new passwords and edit existing credentials.

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While Google hasn’t clarified its purpose, one possible use for it is to keep a list of security questions, or to store information about when you last changed your password and when it was set to expire automatically.

Some on Reddit have expressed concerns about whether the information will be encrypted, but one could argue that, given that it involves sensitive information, Google will only roll out the feature after rigorous testing and ensuring best cybersecurity practices.

It’s unclear if Microsoft Edge will enable this feature as well, but considering it’s also based on Chromium, we’ll likely see this feature there for feature parity as well. Currently, annotations are only available on Chrome Canary 101.

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