TSMC won all Apple 5G RF chip orders and is expected to be applied to the iPhone 14 ASAP

According to reports, TSMC has won all orders for Apple’s 5G radio frequency chips, which are expected to be applied to the new generation of iPhone 14 launched this year as soon as possible. For related rumors, TSMC declined to comment.

According to market analysts, the related chips will be produced using TSMC’s 6nm process, and the annual demand is expected to exceed 150,000. The industry believes that it will be a trend for RF-related Netcom chips to upgrade to the 6nm process.

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Due to the largest production capacity of TSMC’s advanced process and stable product quality and yield, Apple is still the largest buyer of TSMC’s advanced process.

TSMC’s 6nm process belongs to the 7nm family, and it was also the advanced process that accounted for the largest proportion of TSMC’s revenue that year. The overall application range has spanned high-end to mid-range mobile products, consumer applications, artificial intelligence, Netcom, 5G infrastructure, graphics processing devices, and high-performance computing, of which the 6nmRF process (N6RF) is the latest member of the family.

The testing industry also previously predicted that the focus of the market this year will not be on the 5G chip upgrade but on the RF transceiver chip required by 5G or WiFi 6/6E, which will spark new sparks, and will become a battleground for military strategists due to the upgrade of transmission specifications. Stimulate the demand for advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes.

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