Wear OS 3: Google releases a new developer preview, brings revised smartwatch design

In just a few weeks, Google will give the Wear OS smartwatch operating system a big restart, which will probably also have the long-awaited Pixel Watch in its luggage in addition to the revised software. The platform is accordingly on the home stretch for this generation, but a new developer preview now brings even smaller changes.

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The new Wear OS appeared on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 last year and will not be released for all other devices until this spring, more than half a year later. People often talk about “Wear OS 3“, but now Google is already releasing the next Wear OS Developer Preview with version number 3.2. Google will probably not want to herald the big restart as a minor version, but could already use “Wear OS 4” or just “the new Wear OS”.

Functionally, practically nothing has changed with the Wear OS 3.2 Developer Preview. The designers were allowed to tweak the surface again and have icons on board that has been redesigned in terms of color and appearance.

There will have been further preparations under the hood, perhaps also for the new Google Assistant, which has not yet been spotted. We can be curious about how things will continue and whether some innovations in the source code of Wear OS 3.2 DP will be discovered in the next few days.

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