DOTA 2 released 7.31 gameplay update

In this update, the new hero “beast (shòu)” has been added; wild monsters have new skills; hero engineers have also been reworked to become more team; three items such as the brooch of the dead have been added. Brand new gear; while a lot of heroes and items have been reworked or updated.

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New Hero Beast

In a savage collision between enemies and friends, the beast rushes into the battlefield as if it is naturally noisy. The beast is an unavoidable threat in any kind of battle. He can punish the attacker and likes to grab the prey and thump the ground repeatedly until the battlefield is only mashed.

Backstory – Eternal monsters are wandering around

Although Yongwu Linyuan has changed from a vast forest to a wasteland full of corpses, the whole process of change is slow and the wizards have added fuel to the fire, but most scholars will not object. The arrival of the face counts.

Transformed from an ordinary creature to stripped of all emotions, only the existence of hunger and pain, the beast has been shaped into a top predator after thousands of years of killing, running rampant on a planet full of violence and terror.

Someone once captured the beast, tried to manipulate him but couldn’t, and in desperation banished him to a new world – where he went from a hungry predator to an aggressive killing machine where nothing was possible. block him.

For thousands of years, the Everfog Forest has been a playground for beasts to destroy the world – until an annoying little thing uses a sinister trick to trap the unstoppable beast in a wraith. Maybe he would have perished in it forever if it weren’t for the unpredictable power of Yen Magic Treasure.

Now, freed from the shackles and secret libraries, far away from the forest of eternal fog, and closer to the dwellings of the world, the beast has begun to yearn for new slaughter and the joy of savage destruction – and the little flame of civilization is completely isolated Not this eternal monster.

Skill Introduction

Skill 1: The beast accumulates strength and then rushes in the selected direction, knocking back the enemy and teammates at the same time. Enemy units are damaged and stunned when hit. The longer the charging time, the farther the beast rushes. It can be aborted at any time using the stop command.

The second skill step: the beast tramples everything. Every 140.0 distance it travels, it deals damage to all enemies within range of the beast. The amount of damage is the base damage plus a certain multiple of the beast’s attack power. The beast is disarmed during the skill.

Skill 3: Beast Temperament passively provides basic bonus attack power. In addition, the beast gains a stacking effect each time it takes more than 35.0 damage from an enemy hero. After being actively cast, the beast releases a roar, slowing nearby enemies, and the beast gains additional attack power and armor based on the current stack of Zha for 7.0 seconds.

4th Skill Punch: The beast unleashes its rage, grabs the enemy target, and repeatedly punches it to the ground, causing damage and brief stun to all enemies within range. Lasts 2.3 seconds.

Magic Crystal Skill Smash: The beast throws a rock at the target location, causing stun and damage to the enemy. Rocks cannot be thrown to the smallest radius around the beast.

Wild Area Update

The arrival of the beast has injected new wildness and power into wild monsters everywhere. No longer willing to accept punishment, these monsters have evolved into deadly guardians, fighting back bravely when heroes come calling. The jungle is now full of new active and passive abilities, just waiting to capsize the hapless or careless man in the gutter. Be careful when walking between these camps. The risk-reward is much scarier than it used to be.

Team Engineer

After losing multiple contracts for “calling” with potential teammates, the twitter blasting engineer has updated the tools in his blasting box to make it easier for himself to find opportunities during tough days. After finally understanding the teamwork, the engineer carried out several brainstorms on bomb invention and came up with new ways to bring joy and pain.

The tools are also more complete, and they can show their strength in fierce battles. Some of their livelihoods may have changed, but the terrifying trio’s laughter is still infectious.

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