How far can the Tesla Model S with a total of 460,000 kilometers run 9 years ago?

A Tesla Model S that has run a total of 460,000 kilometers, how far can it go now? Today, the well-known car V @baichequanshu3dao posted a blog saying that a Tesla group friend bought a Model S in 2013, and now it has run nearly 457,000 kilometers, and it can still reach full battery life. 362 kilometers.

So what is its battery decay? According to the investigation, the 2013 Model S is equipped with two battery packs of 60 kWh and 85 kWh, with a cruising range of 390 kilometers and 502 kilometers, respectively.

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According to the 390-kilometer version, the battery life attenuation rate is 7.2%; according to the second calculation, it is 28.28%. Referring to the previous case, the car owner has a high probability of owning the 390-kilometer battery life version.

Why draw such a conclusion? Electric vehicle advocate Andy Slye, one of the first owners of the Tesla Model 3, said he has driven 100,000 miles since he bought the long-range rear-drive Model 3 four years ago. km), the battery decays by nearly 2.2%.

Divide 7.2% by 2.2%, the obtained value is 3.27, and multiply 3.27 by 16.09 to obtain 52.6, which is close to 45.7. Considering the more serious battery attenuation in the later period, it is basically certain that this Model S has a battery life of 390. Kilometer version.

Do you think it is acceptable for this kind of battery degradation performance?

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