Players organize the creation of Minecraft urban MOD to restore the outskirts of Osaka

The super classic game Minecraft is still enjoyed by countless players. A few days ago, my player organization showed a new grand plan to create a new urban MOD Miso Juice City. The goal is to restore the suburban style of Osaka as realistically as possible, stay tuned.

The construction plan of this super-large new urban MOD Miso Juice City began on July 1, 2020. According to the initiator MOMO, the prototype of Miso Juice City still under construction came from the suburbs of Osaka City, and its scale is still large.

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Under construction, the player’s construction group has reached as many as 25 people, and they are still recruiting volunteers.

MOMO posted some screenshots of “Miso Juice City”, including the completed parts. From the scene alone, you can see how amazing the workload is. I look forward to the early completion of the MOD.

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