Google is giving Gboard new text stickers

For a while now, Gboard has been able to create combined versions of multiple emojis. This is called Emoji Kitchen and makes communication via Messenger even more colorful. Google regularly adds new updates to this virtual kitchen for emoji so that even more combinations are possible. Now there is even a completely new function that is probably part of the next feature drop for Android and Google Pixel.

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For first-time users, Gboard now recommends colorful text stickers based on the typed text. These suggestions always come up when you have typed a short text and end it with an emoji. These stickers are then offered with your text in the automatic suggestions bar. It also works in German, as we noticed in our experiment.

In English, however, there are significantly more suggestions and also much more colorful. These screenshots are from my Pixel 6 Pro, so the feature is already rolling out internationally. There hasn’t been an announcement yet, but it could still be on March 1st for the Mobile World Congress or in exactly one week for the March update.

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