Battlefield 2042 v3.3 update delays new scoreboard rollout next week

DICE appears to have delayed the Battlefield 2042 3.3 updates yet again. The Battlefield 2042 3.3 update was originally scheduled to go live in late February this year but was later pushed back to early March, which is this week. However, DICE recently released a message on the EA official website forum, saying that the 3.3 update will be launched next week.

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Update 3.3 will add a scoreboard that fans have been requesting since Battlefield 2042 was released last year. The new scoreboard will show both death and kill counts, as well as the performance of each squad, especially each squad leader on both sides. score.

DICE explained: We originally planned to release (update 3.3) later this week, but have made the decision to delay it so that we can provide the best possible support should any issues arise over the weekend.

Our decision to release an update next week means a further suspension of weekly missions and the system will remain inactive this week. Next week’s update will provide new content that will allow us to re-enable the feature.

Update 3.3 will add a new scoreboard UI, incorporate community requests, and update our format for displaying deaths, kills, and splitting squads to help differentiate each team’s leader. Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions, we really appreciate it all.

Battlefield 2042’s lack of a scoreboard when it launched was one of the most critical aspects of Battlefield fans, who wondered if the latest version didn’t have this feature when previous games had it. In addition to the scoreboard, the 3.3 update will bring various small fixes.

Battlefield 2042 fell short of EA’s sales expectations but remains the fifth-best-selling game in the U.S. in 2021. EA management said in its last quarterly earnings report that it believes “Battlefield 2042” will be a success in the long run.

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