Microsoft fully provides Xbox app updates for Windows 11/10

After more than half a year of testing, Microsoft finally allows games from the Windows Store to be installed in any folder on your PC. The new Xbox app is now generally available for all Windows 10 and Windows 11 users.

Although Xbox was previously very difficult to use on Windows, with Microsoft’s repeated updates and the renaming of Xbox Game Pass for PC to PC Game Pass, the once marginal application has also ushered in modern improvements and new features, further Improved user experience.

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From now on, all PC users’ Xbox apps will be able to customize the path to the game installation folder, compared to the previous experience where Xbox could only download games in a dedicated WindowsApps folder (which users couldn’t access) and couldn’t move internal files. across several levels.

In addition to customizing the installation path, you can now freely access Xbox game files, including moving files, repairing local files, etc., which means that you can further modify the game or install Mods for the games you robbery through XGP.

Foreign media believe that this will greatly improve the game installation process in the Windows Store, thereby solving many of the problems caused by installing games from PC Game Pass, and Windows users can also back up game files, which is very user-friendly.

You don’t need to reinstall existing games, just turn on your PC and right-click the game in the Xbox app, select “Manage”, and then enable the new installation and game management features. Additionally, any future games you install can choose which folder they install into.

These changes will allow us to modify more games from the Windows Store, and the Xbox app will move closer to Steam as it becomes more functional.

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