Battlefield 2042 map improvement plan announced to fix 5 areas

Recently, DICE released a new blog, introducing the map improvement plan for Battlefield 2042, pointing out that there are 5 map problems that need to be improved, which include crossing, density, line of sight, path and cover. At the same time, DICE also called for positive feedback from players to help them provide suggestions on the direction of modification.

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In response to many players complaining that the map is too large, the distance from the respawn base to the occupation point and the distance between each occupation point is too far, and the walking time is too long, making the game feel like a walking simulator problem. DICE plans to shorten the travel time between capture points and spawn bases on some maps by relocating the spawn bases and the closest capture points.

Combat Density

DICE realized that the 128-man breakout model was too confusing, especially in terms of player and vehicle numbers. The developers are evaluating whether to keep the 128-man breakout mode, reduce it to 64, or reduce the number of respawning vehicles to keep the infantry alive and useful. At present, DICE believes that the 64-player breakout mode game experience is the best.


This question refers to how often the player is attacked by enemies from a distance. DICE realizes that there are too many open and flat areas on the map, and the improvement plan is to ensure that players have more opportunities to traverse the map, hide from enemy sight, reduce direct engagement at long distances, and reduce carrying distances Necessity of belligerent weapons.


Another feedback DICE said they received was that there was no clear path towards the goal (capture point), which meant that when the player was heading towards the goal there was no path most people would normally take, resulting in the player being likely to be attacked by enemies from all directions. With this in mind, DICE plans to make the paths between capture points clearer and more stable, keeping the battle focused.


DICE plans to add more cover to allow players to hide from enemy fire and reduce open spaces. DICE will improve from the “kaleidoscope” map of conquest and breakthrough mode.

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