iPhone 13 Pro Max wins best smartphone at MWC 2022

Every year at the end of the MWC World Congress, a series of mobile awards are announced, and this year is no exception. Now, the MWC official website announced the relevant awards.

There are three main awards for mobile devices, namely the Best Smartphone Award, the Most Breakthrough Innovative Product Award, and the Best Connected Consumer Device Award. The three award-winning devices are iPhone13 Pro Max, OPPO Find N, and ZTE’s New Generation Cloud AI. Home Care Camera Pro.

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According to MWC’s official website, the Best Smartphone Award is awarded by the world’s leading independent analysts, reporters and managers through the evaluation of smartphones on the market from January 2021 to December 2021.

And finally selects outstanding performance, innovation, and the Best Smartphone Award for Leadership. The mobile phones shortlisted for this award are iPhone13 Pro Max, Google Pixel 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The Most Breakthrough Innovative Product Award is used to encourage the core hardware and software innovation of the smartphone device itself. The judges will refer to the mobile phone chip and processor, camera, screen and other innovative technologies, and finally, select the function that can enhance the user experience or equipment. The mobile phones shortlisted for this award are Apple AirTag, Fairphone 4, Google Tensor chip, OPPO Find N (hinge and screen), Samsung Galaxy Z series.

The Best Connected Consumer Device award is given to everyday consumer electronics devices or gadgets that bring new smart applications, efficiencies and functionality to users at home or on the go. Includes cameras, gadgets, home appliances, game consoles, music players, computer equipment, advertising or signage displays, and other connected consumer devices.

Products shortlisted for the award include Huawei VR Glass, micro oled for ActiveLook AR connected glasses, Vodafone Neo smart technology, and ZTE’s new generation cloud AI home care camera Pro.

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