Samsung restricts the performance of over 10,000 apps but the benchmark apps are exceptions

Many mobile phone manufacturers limit the performance of some applications in order to improve the battery life of the mobile phone and optimize the background performance. Twitter user GaryeonHan, in collaboration with a number of Korean users, released a list of 10,000 apps that are performance constrained by Samsung’s Game Optimization Service (GOS).

This behavior has also sparked strong dissatisfaction among Samsung users in South Korea, and various complaints and complaints have been flooded into support communities and social platforms.

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The list of restrictions isn’t limited to games but includes mainstream apps like Instagram, Microsoft Office apps, Netflix, Google Keep, and TikTok. Even a number of Samsung’s own apps and services are on the restricted list, including Secure Folder, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass and Dialer.

It’s just that benchmarking apps like 3DMark, Antutu, PCMark, GFXBench, and GeekBench 5 don’t appear in the list. This shows that Samsung didn’t let the benchmark app suffer from throttling. A Korean YouTuber even changed the name of the 3DMark package, pretending to be Genshin Impact (which did appear on the list), and ran the benchmark. Renamed package benchmark scores and average frame rates dropped significantly.

It is worth mentioning that the app does not appear to be installed on the Galaxy S22 series devices of foreign technology media Android Central. The app is listed on the Galaxy Store, but clicking “Install” shows that the app is not compatible with his S22 Plus review device.

The media also couldn’t see the app on Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S10e devices. However, one team member reported seeing the app on their Galaxy S21 Plus, reiterating that it couldn’t be disabled.

Understandably, smartphone makers seek to balance performance and battery life across many applications. On the other hand, there is an obvious argument that users are not getting the performance they are asking for. It’s especially suspicious that no benchmark apps are listed here, meaning these results won’t be representative of the actual experience.

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