Firefox 97.0.2 and Thunderbird 91.7.0 are here

Version 91.7.0 of the Thunderbird e-mail client and version 97.0.2 of the Firefox browser are now available. In both cases, however, things have primarily changed in the details. So don’t expect any new features here.

Basically, according to the release notes, only two security gaps have been closed in Firefox 97.0.2. Of course, that’s enough to start the download. Simply look in the browser in the “About Firefox” area. There you can see your current version number and the update will be initiated if it has not yet been done.

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The new version 91.7.0 is shown for Thunderbird. Curiously, however, March 8, 2022, is given as the date of distribution. It fits that I haven’t received an update yet. Here, too, there are primarily minor bug fixes. Maybe the update is already coming to you? Otherwise, it’s probably a matter of waiting until Tuesday.

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